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LOCATION: Uinta County Fairgrounds - Main Arena
122 Bear River Dr., Evanston, Wyoming

TIME: Entries: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Start: 9:30 AM (Grand Entry, followed by Lead-Line Division)

2018 DATE: 2018 EVENTS:
May 19th, Saturday 1. Barrels, 2. Poles, 3. Turn 'N Burn
June 9th, Saturday 1. Barrels, 2. Poles, 3. 2-Barrel Cowhorse
July 7th, Saturday 1. Barrels, 2. Poles, 3. Big "T"
August 11th, Saturday 1. Barrels, 2. Poles, 3. Figure-8 Cowhorse
September 15th, Saturday 1. Barrels, 2. Poles, 3. Hourglass

2018 Entry Form: For Year End Points / Not for Points
2018 Gymkhana Rules / Code of Conduct

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8:00 AM to 9:00 AM: Entries & Open Arena Ride Time
9:00 AM: Entries close & Arena closes for Pattern Set-up & Tractor drag
9:30 AM: Gymkhana Starts with Grand Entry, followed by Lead-line - All Patterns
New this year: Lead-Line will run a shortened version of all 3 patterns, together in the arena, consecutively.
Walk-trot and Open Age Divisions will run after Leadline is completely finished, and will run per pattern, through each division as usual.

$2.00 each or 3/$5
There will be MANY raffle prizes!


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Novice Divisions:
Ribbons & Prizes will be awarded - $5 per pattern to enter

(*This division is ran last in each pattern, no awards)

Open Divisions:
Payouts will be awarded in each pattern - $10 per pattern to enter

Pee-Wee (10 & Under),
Junior (11 to 13),
Youth (14 to 17),
Adult (18 to 39),
Classic (40 & Over)

Only BRR Members will earn points towards exciting Year End Awards!
Individual membership is $20 for one year, Family Membership is $30 for one year: 2018.
There will be a Non-Member fee to ride, per gymkhana, of $10/per person.

barrel racer

LEAD-LINE DIVISION: Will not be placed--no times will be given. All Lead-line riders will receive a prize (no points). In the interest of saving time, all Lead-line riders will run a shortened pattern, all three patterns will be ran consecutively. Year end prizes will be awarded to all qualifying Lead-Line riders.

SCHOOLING DIVISION: Rider is allowed to ride only ONE horse in their Age Division. If a rider wishes to enter a second/multiple horse(s), second horse must be ridden in the "Schooling Division," which is an Open Division (All Ages) and is ran after the Classic (40 & Over) Division, in each pattern. There will be NO year end prizes/points, and no payouts given.

YEAR END AWARDS: Rider must be a current BRR Member in good standing to earn points towards exciting year end awards, and must ride in a minimum of FOUR (4) of the FIVE (5) gymkhanas to qualify for year-end awards, and you or a family member must volunteer time at a minimum of TWO (2) gymkhanas.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Bear River Riders is a non-profit organization that runs solely on people that volunteer their time. Remember, the Gymkhanas could not be done without the help of volunteers! Members who are running for Year End Awards need volunteer time to qualify.


1st place = 10 pts.
2nd place = 9 pts.
3rd place = 8 pts.
4th place = 7 pts.
5th place = 6 pts.
6th place = 5 pts.
7th place = 4 pts.
8th place = 3 pts.
9th place = 2 pts.
10th place = 1 pt.

A running total is kept for each rider, with no points dropped, and no extra points. At the end of the year, points from all gymkhanas are added together to determine end of year placement.

Gymkhanas are family-oriented horseback riding competitions involving barrel racing and pole bending events for all ages and skill levels of riders. The BRR will be awarding trophy buckles, trophy tack, and more at the year-end banquet.


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